Supporting Digital Connectivity & Loyalty For Your Venue

AGFG converts Australian foodies into returning customers. Without the steep commissions.

We know why you're here...

It's the challenges that hospitality venues are facing in our current market:

Do any of these sound familiar?

AGFG has been in the Australian hospitality industry since before digital was even an option - let alone a daily essential. We understand how the connection between good old fashioned real world experiences and digital engagements drive business results for vendors just like you.

That's why we designed our newest service set to help Australian hospitality businesses adapt and thrive amongst all the changes going on around us.

The Answer to Modern Hospitality Madness

Everyone knows AGFG as the publisher who has guided local foodies for 40 years as well as the home of Australia's Chef Hat Awards and Readers' Choice Awards. 

What you probably don't know is that we've actually built something a whole lot better than a reputation.


Digital changed everything...

A few years ago we had a funny feeling that the Australian hospitality industry was changing. Being open and having great service just wasn't enough anymore.

Customers' attention had moved. They were online - all the time. All of a sudden people wanted to interact with venues directly from their devices. The whole journey from inspiration to order was happening digitally - you never even see the customer for delivery orders.


We've built what vendors need

Instead of denying the truth of it all, we set out to talk to vendors from across Australia to see if they were ready they were for these changes and had a tool in place to deal with them. You know what we heard? An overwhelming NO!

We headed back home and came up with something to solve that problem. Something to close the growing gap between venue and customer connection. The AGFG Total Customer Solution, and now it's here to help you.

How Does It Work?

The key to success as we hit the road to recovery from pandemic-restricted trading is being seen by the right people, converting them into paying customers, and then getting those new customers back time and time again.

That's a lot of work... It sounds like more work than any one person can do on their own.

AGFG has combined 40 years of experience serving 65,000 Australian hospitality businesses and 5 million local readers into one package so you CAN do it yourself.

Don't worry - we still do all the technical parts!

4 essential benefits

Seen by the Right People

Have your own business listing in the Australian Good Food Guide. It's been the go-to place for local foodies to get the inside word on where to dine and spend their time for the last 40 years.


  • 2 million+ monthly readers
  • Weekly EDM’s that go out to thousands in your local area
Take Full Control of Your Listing

Make your venue so appealing that AGFG readers just have to visit!

  • Let people know what's on at your venue this week
  • Promote your signature dishes and star chefs
  • Get more visitors to your social media profiles
Generate Revenue & Recognition

Featured in AGFG promotions to drive more business and get the acclaim that your venue deserves.

  • Be eligible for our Chefs Hats & Readers Choice Awards
  • Feature in our monthly themed Collections
  • Send offers & announcements direct to your customers
Commission-Free Reservations & Orders

Convert interested AGFG readers into paying customers directly from your listing with order & call now options.

...PLUS we'll supercharge your Google Listing with Reservations and Orders: commission-free. Forever. 

  • 500,000 digital orders/bookings by AGFG in Google via 2021 alone, etc.
  • 94% of Australians use Google search when they need to find something online

So... How Much Is It?

We could say this is free to get set up, then charge you 25% or more on every single order. But we won't. We wouldn't let you pay us a commission if you wanted to.

It's just not how we do business. 

We're here to enable Australian businesses, not feast on their their margins. 

We believe that your customers are YOUR customers.

The Right Crowd

Be discovered by anyone from our 2 million+ monthly readers that are actively searching for the next great venue to try out.

Our crowd is waiting for you!

Dollars in the Till

AGFG featured venues received over 167,000 order and reservations in 2021.

Generate more revenue for your business via digital channels.

Marketing Made Easy

Be seen by more new customers in our AGFG Collections.

Make your customer data work for you by enticing customers to visit time and time again.

0% Commissions

Never pay commission on for an order, a reservation, or a delivery.

AGFG will never have any hidden fees or sneaky commissions lurking under the surface!

Get Access To Our Total Customer Solution




Billed Monthly

  • Everything your venue needs: orders, bookings, delivery, loyalty, & more
  • Be discovered by any of our 2 million+ AGFG readers
  • Feature in AGFG marketing locally and across the Australia
  • Generate more calls, bookings, & orders for your business
  • Save thousands of dollars every month on booking + order commissions
  • AGFG Pro Setup Service $199 -
    free until May 2022

Seriously, let's talk about getting you in with AGFG: be seen by more new customers, generate stronger venue loyalty, and start saving money on digital orders today.

Our 100% Money Back AGFG Guarantee

At the moment every dollar and every cent counts for your business in terms of staying open and getting back to normal. The more you can keep in your till at the end of the day, the safer you’ll feel, and the better off you are as we go through this post-pandemic recovery.

So not only will we never take a cent and commission from you, we'll offer you our 100% AGFG money back guarantee. That's how much we believe in what we do.

If you still had any reason whatsoever to doubt us when we say that we will deliver value to your business, then rest easy because if you’re not getting value from our services after 12 months we’ll give you a 100% refund on your AGFG plan. No strings attached.

What our customers say about us

"We're very, very grateful for the support. It's a very easy system to use the actual back end for web apps and Australian Good Food Guide. And it just means that we're able to promote more effectively, the events that are coming up."

Gemma Swain
The Cornerstone, The Irish Times Pub, Wayside Inn, Chaise Lounge

“We chose AGFG for the simple-to-use Bookings engine and the integration between online orders and our POS system. Being able to accept and manage bookings outside of business hours have seen us generate additional business where we never of been able to."

Anna Morgan
3 Brothers & An Oven

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