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AGFG & Google Small Business Ordering Rebate for Hospitality

Available now in strictly limited volume.

AGFG is proud to announce a new rebate offer in partnership with Google Orders built specifically for the Australian Hospitality Industry as we embark on the path to reopening and rebuilding to our full potential!

This rebate enables any hospitality business to convert eager Google searches into paying customers without having to pay the bill for the technology upfront.

All vendors need to get started is have a Google Business Listing. We’ll work with our tech partners to do the rest for you. You can even integrate your POS so orders flow straight through to one central location. It’s that easy.

Your business could be up and running within 24 hours of approval.

This is the perfect digital addition to help with revenue generation and customer experience for any venue who wants to generate more orders from the crowd that’s waiting for them in Google!

How Google Ordering Works

Customer orders directly on Google from near me or direct searches

Customer makes their choice and securely checks out

The order is sent to your POS, just like you did it yourself

The order is then printed, and prepared.. ready for pickup/delivery

Tap Into the Power of Google

Turn searches into sales with  customer orders placed through Google Search.

Send orders directly to your existing POS. A seamless experience for everyone.

Flexible ordering lets you choose to offer takeaway or delivery options for customers.

Wide range of delivery integrations available including commission-free providers.

Increase the SEO for your venue and commercialise your digital presence.

Customers usually get their first Google order within the first 24 hours of being live!

Generate sales from the 74,000 monthly Google searches for: 

'takeaway near me'

What Does It Cost?

Our rebate offer is here to help get Australian hospitality businesses get access to technology that empowers them to take more orders from new and existing customers. We know first-hand how tough the the last two years have been here in our industry, so we’re not charging businesses to use this tech until they’ve had time to see the benefits and get more revenue in their till.

  • For the first 50 businesses who apply and are approved for this rebate, we’ll cover your first 6 months of AGFG costs for Google Ordering and the accompanying POS integration via one of our premium partners. That’s $1,000+ saved, and 6 months of orders with no strings attached. 
  • The second 150 venues will be rebated for their first 3 months of AGFG costs for Google Ordering and their appropriate POS integration.

After the rebate period your business will be free to choose whether you stay with Google Ordering. It’s your call.

Check Your Eligibility!

  • Rebates are strictly limited to the first 200 individual venue locations that are registered and approved before 25 May 2022.
  • Franchisees are welcome to apply for this grant.
  • No existing AGFG customer status is required to access this grant.

See if your business considered for this amazing opportunity to supercharge customer connectivity for your venue.

What Customers Are Saying About Google Ordering

Questions? Read the Google Ordering FAQ!

What happens if I run out of a certain item, or need to turn off ordering for the day?

Our order with Google integration updates instantly - meaning if you have to close for the day, or turn off a specific item, as soon as the change is made that information is sent to Google so you won't have to worry about any unhappy customers.

Are there any additional fees for being on Google?

No – there are no additional fees or commissions for using Google Ordering.

How do I sign up for Order With Google?

Check your eligibility here. If you qualify a representative will contact you from AGFG to get you up and going for FREE.

Do I own the customer data of those who order through Google?

Yes – you will get access to all customer data from those who order via Google.

How does a customer pay for their Google order?

You can choose to have customers pay using a credit card, or pay at pick-up (or both) - you have full control.

What are the benefits of signing up for Google Ordering?

Google Online Ordering is a great way to attract new customers and keep existing ones. It provides a fast and convenient way to order on a platform customers know and trust (Google) and when it’s convenient for the customer, they will use it time and time again! The best part - AGFG doesn't charge you commissions on your Google Orders.

Not sure if Google Ordering is right for you? Talk to the AGFG Team today.

1300 657 960 OR (07) 5536 7926